Propane Fill Station

We sell propane cylinders to our customers as well. Purchase a brand new or used tank at an affordable price, or purchase a smaller tank as emergency fuel for a cold night or family trip. For those who require more propane than any of our tank sizes, we offer leasing options on a 100 pound cylinder with a $65 deposit. Pricing for tanks varies based on size. We also fill RVs!
Whether you need propane for grilling, camping, heating, ice fishing or just preparing for emergencies you will make the right choice by choosing the propane fill station at Sipe Bros. Inc. in Osseo - Maple Grove, Minnesota. Our propane fill station is always manned, so customers provide the tank, and one of our staff fills it for a small fee. That way you get a properly filled cylinder.
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Buy a Tank

If you need a new propane tank Sipe Bros-Marathon has you covered. From purchasing a 5 lb tank all the way to a 60 lb tank, plus a 100 lb tank lease.
Here are the types of tanks we sell:
  • 5 lb Tank
  • 10 lb Tank
  • 20 lb Tank
  • 30 lb Tank
  • 40 lb Tank
  • 50 lb Tank
  • 60 lb Tank
  • 100 lb Tank (lease only)

Fill a Tank

We don't exchange your tank, we fill your tank that way you're not getting something that is in worse condition than yours. Plus, we fill your tank all the way!
We can fill almost anything with propane, as long as you can bring it here, for example:
  • Portable Tanks
  • Motor Homes
  • Food Trucks
  • Vehicles
  • And More
*per gallon price used for vehicles 
Tank Fill Prices
When it's time to fill your propane tank visit Sipe Bros-Marathon. Make sure you're tank is empty though, we have set prices for each tank size. 
These are the prices to fill each tank size*:
*(tax not included)
5 lb Tank - $6.00
10 lb Tank - $9.00
20 lb Tank - $16.97
30 lb Tank - $22.00
33 lb Tank - $24.72
40 lb Tank - $29.00
43.5 lb Tank - $31.00
50 lb Tank - $35.75
60 lb Tank - $45.00
100 lb Tank - $68.00
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